043-Saffron Tea

043-Saffron Tea

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Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water. It can be very helpful in preventing and treating diseases.

Tea leaves contain calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, vitamins, tannins, chlorophyll and caffeine. The RedRuby International Co offers the highest quality varieties of tea and herbal teas for the benefit of its consumers

Tea is one of the most popular drinks throughout the world.If blended with high quality, pure saffron of the appropriate dosage, it will have the following benefits ;
• It is Relaxing and effective to relieve depression
• Is an excellent source of antioxidants
• Helps to strengthen the heart
• Prevents tooth decay
• Is a blood purifier and can help to control the blood pressure and cholesterol
• Is enthusiastic and refreshing
• Improves brain function and increases metabolism
• Prevents blood clotting and fat deposits in the veins
RedRuby International Co supplies the true blend of high quality tea and pure saffron for the customers to enjoy health benefits of both herbs

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