008-Royal jelly

008-Royal jelly

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As a nutritious food and medicine, honey contains 200 compounds including phenolics, natural antibiotics, natural carbohydrates, antioxidants, amino acids, organic acids and enzymes which have an inhibitory effect to around 60 species of bacteria, some types of viruses and fungi.

The key to enjoy its benefits is to ensure that it is natural and genuine, otherwise it would not only have no health benefits but also causes problems in some cases. The purity is detected through amylase, poly-phenol, antibiotic, fructose-glucose ratio testing.
Having performed several experiments on various types of honey, RedRuby International Co supplied the genuine organic honey of grade A, with guaranteed purity.

Royal jelly is also known as bee saliva, bee spit, honey bee milk, etc. It cannot be considered a 100% herbal or animal product because it results both from feeding on and collecting of nectar of flowers and plants by bees and from secretion of honey bee glands. This secretion is injected into brood and queen cells. Royal jelly can be kept for months in a closed container in a cool environment away from light.
-Rich in various kinds of vitamins, proteins, amino acids and antioxidants
-A dietary supplement and a general organic medicine for the body
– Remedy for anemia, fatty liver, hypertension


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