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As a nutritious food and medicine, honey contains 200 compounds including phenolics, natural antibiotics, natural carbohydrates, antioxidants, amino acids, organic acids and enzymes which have an inhibitory effect to around 60 species of bacteria, some types of viruses and fungi.

The key to enjoy its benefits is to ensure that it is natural and genuine, otherwise it would not only have no health benefits but also causes problems in some cases. The purity is detected through amylase, poly-phenol, antibiotic, fructose-glucose ratio testing.
Having performed several experiments on various types of honey, RedRuby International Co supplied the genuine organic honey of grade A, with guaranteed purity.

Natural propolis, also known as bee glue, is a form of hard and brittle gum that becomes very sticky and waxy when heated. Propolis is made by bees using parts of plants and their saps. Honey bees use propolis as a cement to build, repair and protect their beehives against bacteria and other intruding organisms. Organic propolis is usually dark brown or green and has a sweet smell.
• Eliminates bacteria and viruses by stopping their growth and spread.
• Fights fungal infections by blocking the growth of fungi and yeast.
• Improves various types of allergies by inhibiting release of histamine.
• Lowers blood pressure by reducing the activity of tyrosine hydroxylase that contributes to hypertension.
• Boosts bone health by increasing its density. It is also effective in healing fractures.
• Fights cancer by blocking growth of cancer cells and causing cell death (apoptosis).
• Improves dental and oral health by killing bacteria and reducing swelling around the gums.
• Speeds up the process of wound healing by accelerating skin rejuvenation.
• Protects the liver from chemical toxins, alcohol and diseases.
• Lowers blood sugar level and thus is an effective method for treating diabetes.


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