019-Dried Fig

019-Dried Fig

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In addition to treating and preventing many diseases, dried fruit are a good alternative to children’s industrial snacks. Fresh nuts and dried fruit help treat anemia, boost your body, lower cholesterol, improve your heart muscles performance and increase your mental strength. Accordingly, Redruby offers fresh nuts in high quality for the consumers.

• It contains five times more calories than fresh figs.
• Figs are great source of vitamins A and B as well as minerals such as calcium (which promotes bone density) and potassium (which prevents increased urine calcium excretion and helps lower blood pressure).
• It contains a significant amount of omega-3 that increases male sexual performance.
• The fiber helps regulate the intestines’ function, prevents constipation, prevents cancer, treats breast cancer, helps cure acne and boil, helps eliminate toxins and helps your skin look more radiant.

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