About Us

About Red Ruby

We are the Manufacturer and Supplier of Natural Organic Products worldwide.
We also Guide Supplement and Food Producers through Upgrading
Formulation and Producing Unique Supplements with Innovative Formulas


Registered in Norway, RedRuby International Co. is involved in

• Producing and supplying natural organic products and food supplements with innovative formulas all around the world.
• Helping supplement and food producers to promote new products, upgrade formulation and produce unique supplements with innovative formulas.


Aiming to improve community health and respect consumers, we produce and supply natural organic products all around the world with extensive experience in formulation and new product development.
Our objectives are;
• Improving community health as well as respecting consumers and their demands by supplying natural organic products
• Achieving Customer satisfaction by focusing on the quality and being responsive
• Being committed to environmental stewardship by using recycled environmentally friendly materials in packaging
• Promoting new products with unique innovative formulas
• Respecting employees and regarding their opinions into account as well as considering financial advantage to individuals from the benefit.
• Increasing and maximizing the profits of the shareholders of the company


• In short and long term goals, we are best known as one the best innovative producers of unique natural organic products maintaining consumer satisfaction of products and services offered.

We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Please leave your valid email address below.
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